Biometric Based attendance system

Tracking and managing employee time is made very easy using our Time and attendance software. Biometric based Attendance Machine can help you in save cost as it help you in monitoring your employees in and out time Using Our solution you can track employees attendance accurately. Our software is seamlessly integrated with various biometric/card based systems and helps HR Managers and payroll managers to manage/track employee activity. Our software modules include options like in-punch, Out-punch, late comings, early goings, leave management , overtime and holidays. Our attendance software is integrated to the our payroll software module or can be linked to any third party payroll modules.

Features of our time and attendance system

  1. Simple and user friendly. Easy to use
  2. Comprehensive Employee Information system.
  3. Setting up of User defined shifts. Option to create group of employees to the shift.
  4. Auto Shift. Employees are automatically assigned to the nearest shift.
  5. Leave Management
  6. User defined Leave heads.
  7. Overtime Calculation
  8. Daily/Monthly Reports
  9. Late Arrival Report
  10. Absent Report


  • Capture data directly from Attendance devices
  • Option to mark Present/Absent
  • Integrated with the leave module
  • Integrated with the leave module


  • Daily Attendance Report Day Wise Detailed
  • Shows Day wise attendance with IN Time, OUT Time , Shift etc